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4.1 Fees may be charged for transactions made through the Citizens` Exchange. A full list of fees to be found on our price and fee advertising page. By using the services, you agree to pay all the fees. Civic reserves the right to adjust its prices and royalties at any time as well as all applicable waiver declarations. Civic will always inform you of the prices and fees applicable to your transaction when you authorize the transaction and in each receipt we offer you. We may charge a network fee to process a digital asset transaction on your behalf. We charge network fees at our discretion, even if we always notify you of network charges on the date you authorize the digital asset transaction. 4.2 When using the services, there may be a certain fee to use the functions provided and performed by certain third-party services (“Third-party service charges”). For these third-party service charges, you recognize and accept that it is your responsibility and responsibility to pay these fees. To avoid any doubt, these service charges are set by third parties, and you recognize and accept that these fees may change at any time. 4.3 Civic fees for financial service providers are deducted from transfers to or from citizens` money. You are responsible for paying additional fees charged by your financial services provider. A transfer cannot be concluded if the associated fees for financial service providers exceed the value of the transfer.

You may need to deposit additional funds or digital assets (if any) to cover the fees charged to financial service providers if you wish to make such a transfer. 1.3 Use allowed. They (and do not allow third parties) to use or access them directly or indirectly through the development application to: a) download, store or transfer content that is offensive, defamatory, illegal, illegal, data protection or containing malicious codes; (b) engage in any activity that unwarrantly disrupts, disrupts, damages or accesses services, servers, networks, data or other features of our services or licensees; (c) to develop, disseminate or make available the application of development in any way to promote criminal, fraudulent or other illegal activities; (d) provide or use the services to people other than you or end-users of the developer app; (e) services for sales, resale, licensing, sublicensing, distribution, leasing, leasing or accepting services in a service office or outsourcing offer; (f) to allow direct or indirect access to services or the use of services in a manner that circumvents any contractual limitations on use; (g) author`s mentions, protected marks or confidential captions to be hidden, deleted or destroyed; (h) the establishment of a competitive product or service; (i) distribute the development application in the form of source code in a way that would reveal the source code of BitGo technology, unless BitGo provides you with such BitGo technology in the source format as Open Source Components (as defined below); or (j) reverse engineering, decryption, decompilation, decoding, decoding, decoding or other attempt to obtain the man-readable form of a BitGo technology that has not been made available to you in the source code, as long as this restriction is permitted by current legislation.

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