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One thing the bank had to do carefully was to make sure that the electronic signature pad wasn`t the clumsy version found in some retail stores “where you feel like you`re signing with a colored pencil and there`s no way that the signature on the paper looks like it looks,” says Olson. “We went through a big process to find a pad that looked like a signature on paper.” Multiple access devices: Your consent to agreement on an access device (for example. B a computer, mobile device or tablet) represents your consent to all the access devices you use. If you change access devices, it`s your responsibility to ensure that the new access device meets all of the hardware and software requirements described above and that you can access and view electronic notifications. Contact us at 888.418.5626 during business hours if you wish to revoke your consent for electronic notifications or if you have any questions about using a new access device for electronic notifications. In February of this year, the bank extended the electronic signature on account openings in all branches and now processes 460,000 e-signed documents per week. Two upcoming projects, planned for this year, will provide new electronic signatures to business customers. One of them is cash management. Business customers can offer their customers electronic signatures to automate their ACH forms. “A scenario is a gym client who wants an ACH payment from customer accounts,” says Fraser.

“The traditional process would have been to have a paper form validated on the spot and finally send it back to the bank. In the new electronic signature process, the gym customer enters the fields needed to send customers an electronic version of the form to fill it out online with a mobile device. The form is immediately sent to the fitness center and the U.S. bank for processing. It`s less prone to errors and has faster rotation. The paper signature card was considered obsolete by many employees of the subsidiary. “It was good to cash your cheque in Branch A [where the signature card is kept], but if you cash your cheque in Branch B, you should call Branch A, find it in the folder drawer, fax it and make sure the banker has received it,” says Olson. “It wasn`t very pleasant for the customers. He didn`t show our best side. The Bank`s objectives for this project included a better customer experience, a more efficient process, and a saving of money and time.

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