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Remember: you are interested in reflecting every problem in inventory ownership, not the other way around. Hello, I`m about to be an inventory dealer at and I would like to ask if this is an official form that I could use with my commercial inventories? I as Tick Tick Check use the software to give the reports, but this one looks good. I hope I could use it with my work without legal problems? The quarterly review (every 3 months) to compare the stock with the current situation is common. A real estate inventory must be carried out by a third party, so that if you have to use it as evidence in a dispute, it will be judged. As a person who makes his own inventory, an inventory is essential. I saw that the real estate is in ruins and need replacement, but as no inventory was given, the tenant was able to get away with it. In another indication, I saw real estate that was wrongly discovered that there was damage caused by the tenant, but the damage was already there! An independent inventory service is very useful because the authors of the inventory are not biased and have no connection with the owner, agency or tenant. Storage obligations are usually those of the owner, as it is their property that needs to be inventoried. The task can be performed by the owner, the landlord, a professional inventory company or even the tenant. It may happen without the presence of the tenant, but it is recommended to be signed by both parties, or its legitimacy could be called into question in a formal dispute.

I plan to leave the property 6 days before the end of the lease. The officer said that the inventory audit will not be conducted until the last date of the agreement. I will not be in Britain until then because I am moving abroad. Is there a way I can have inventory reviewed on my release date? Any occupant in the property mentioned in the rental agreement must sign the inventory and date it correctly. All photos must also be signed and dated. It is important to make this aSAP to make the changes valid. Make sure owners receive their changes in writing and, if possible, the last copy of them signed. Using an independent inventory recorder to make and document inventory is certainly the recommended option [on homeowners who do it themselves]. An inventory takes a long time, and by using a professional, you can be sure that it is done correctly.

I have read your comments and am shocked and appalled by the inventory companies you use. I can assure you that our company is not like that and that our reports are very accurate and always brought to justice. These reports must be. This list is by no means all you need to check, but should give you general instructions on where and what you should look for. The second report is simpler than the first – just repeat it and note the changes in the condition. An inventory is simply a list that covers the condition and condition of the repair of a property as well as the contents and faucets.

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