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Creating an account is NOT necessary to draw a word, but it improves your shipping experience! Learn more about the benefits of creating an local488.ca S account If your card is not currently paid in Local 488, you need to create a local488.ca account to be able to swipe a word. If you want one of us to talk to you about the benefits of partnering with Local 488, let us show you how a relationship with us pays off for you. Signing a union partnership reduces a lot of time and money from your current recruitment efforts. And this saving goes directly to your end result. Local 488 has the ability to call more certified merchants than any other unit on the continent. We are associated with unions across Canada and the United States with our American Red Seal Program and the opportunity to recruit united United Association employees. 2017 spring shutdown schedule. Please note that this data may change. Improving on-site safety, working conditions and workers` benefits plans are commitments made by UA Local 488 to the men and women who bring their skills and talents to the projects we represent.

The United Association has a dedicated program to provide our Canadian clients and the American Local Unions with highly skilled craftsmen. Union members are the safest workers you can find, period. The first thing the new members tell us when they leave the non-union sector is how surprised they are by the commitment to safety – both by employers and the union – that exists on the work sites of trade union policy. “Our relationship with Local 488 has been long and fruitful. At a time when many contractors have serious human resources problems, our experience has not been as hard without the union. We are now making more volume than ever before. The Hiring Hall union is an advantage, but the biggest advantage is the people in the union. We call them with our needs, and they work very hard to satisfy us. It`s a lot of a partnership. They did their best to make sure that their product – they are craftsmen – was the best they could be. Your employees are competent and capable.

When it comes to skills are part of the relationship, their people are second to none. The union is very aware of the quality of its product. They spend a lot of money on their training centre. Call hours are:Welders at 9:00 a.m.Steam Fitters at 10:00 a.m. Apprentices at 1:30 p.m. As part of our ongoing efforts to make things easier for our members, Local 488 is proud to inform you that you can now sign the workout table out electronically. The cornerstone of Local 488`s success was its unwavering commitment to industry training, which led to The Alberta Pipe Trades College, a premier training facility for the industry. In addition to our regional training initiatives, we have the opportunity to recruit like-minded people from our local affiliate unions across North America. Please add [email protected] to your contact or the list of trusted senders to make sure you receive the automated reply email. As the shutdown season approaches, please make sure your security tickets are up to date. Your certificates must be good at least 60 days after the start date of the order. Please contact Alberta Pipe Trades College (780) 488-1266 to book courses if you need them.

Here`s a list of what you need: Select any filter and click Apply to see the results Unfortunately, we just got a word to cancel all calls for TAMS to Albiansands.

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