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O. Concessionaire agrees that it will pay freight charges for SPY product screens distributed by SPY; these transportation costs are non-refundable. Distributors also accept that all SPY product screens are and will remain the exclusive property of the retailer as long as this agreement is in effect. If retailers fail to comply with its obligations under this agreement, then, after spy`s option, all rights, securities and interest on and display fixings will end up at SPY and traders are at its expense to return the display fixings to SPY. Although retail contracts vary depending on the parties involved and the item to be acquired, all must contain specific information to make the contract valid. A basic retail contract should contain. B identification and contact information for the buyer and seller, a description of the item or item, price and quantities, and the date of the agreement. In addition, terms of sale and all other conditions or requirements must be included. Information on whether the contract can be amended or revised in the future – as in the case of the buyer wishing to return the goods – is also an essential element. S.A. Terms of sale are indicated on the SPY order confirmation and/or in invoices and/or communicated in writing to the distributor. This agreement and order confirmations are the relevant document between the parties and control in the event of a conflict between them and an agreement established by the retailer, including sellers or orders.

This agreement cannot be amended without SPY`s explicit written consent. The retailer accepts that this agreement will have retroactive effect on the date the retailer was originally opened as an account and replaces all previous agreements between the parties, if any. From time to time, SPY may agree in writing to maintain guidelines or guidelines from distributors that complement this agreement; However, SPY is in no way responsible for the supplier`s compliance costs. Retail contracts are often very different from consumer contracts. Many understand z.B. Discount conditions, z.B. a discount on the list price, direct discounts and discounts all units based on purchase quantities. Just discounts are a percentage discount for items purchased above a standard minimum. All unit discounts also have a minimum order amount, but differ from a standard discount by the fact that as soon as an order exceeds the minimum, the discount applies to the entire order. In addition, the clauses may allow the contract to be amended or revised if the distributor cannot defer the items. Retail contracts between merchants may be covered by a law known as the Single Code of Commerce (UCC). The UCC follows the succession that a person is a merchant when he regularly buys or sells similar items as a business owner for commercial purposes.

While there are many provisions of the UCC, one of the most important is that all retail contracts for the sale of goods valued at $500 or more must be submitted in writing. For example, retailers have the right to sell SPY products over the Internet via authorized websites. “Authorized site”: a website (i) operated by the retailer on behalf of the retailer; (ii) strikingly indicate the retailer`s full legal name, postal address, telephone number and email address; (iii) do not give the impression that it is operated by SPY or by third parties; and (iv) does not include in its domain name (including a first-level domain or sub-domain) a SPY brand or product name or incorrect spelling of a SPY brand or product name. Spy reserves the right to terminate, at any time and at its sole discretion, its consent to the distributor in order to market and sell products on authorized websites, and the retailer must cease all marketing and sales on authorized sites upon notification of such termination.

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