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I optimized the examples of signature blocks to match MSCD2 4.25 and 4.27: “Nothing sensible is done by… after the name of the entity, the organizational competence of the entity” and the title under the name. Imagine a scenario in which you have to negotiate an agreement with a company in a country on the other side of the world. The entire process of printing, signing, booking etc. takes days or even weeks. Once the recipient receives the documents, they repeat the same printing, signing and post process. This back-and-forth process will take a long time. On the other hand, you can conclude an agreement in minutes with e-signatures. I just started as a contract manager for a company that has a certain way of doing contracts.

The company enters into service contracts on a physical site that can be operated by two separate companies. The original paragraph states that the (1) site (2) owner (3) operator gathers the “party.” But on the signature block, it is written only “part” and is then signed by a person/entity (usually by the owner). I am of the opinion that either the owner and the operator should sign, or that the “party” (in the first paragraph) should be one or the other, with a clause on the power to sign an agreement on this site. Otherwise, it would appear that an entity becomes a contracting party to a contract without knowledge or authorization. It would be interesting to hear your point of view. Thank you, if there is a signature line with my first name, middle name and surname underneath, do I have to sign my first name? I never sign my first name and I probably forgot how to sign my first name. ???? A less precise term for these last words of agreement would be the testimonium clause: it is less precise because, in principle, no testimony is needed since the decline of the Roman Empire and Roman law, except that for acts of English law and notarized acts in European continental systems, a witness would be co-signed, as can be reflected in a clause. A signature identifies the person who created it. He often spells a person`s name in a visually distinctive way.

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