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A Record agent (AOR) is a natural or legal person who has entered into a contract with an insurance taker that complies with legal standards and applicable legal provisions in the region where the contract was entered into. The agent has a legal right to commissions from the insurance policy concerned. Although there is no formal definition of what is the subject of an agency, understanding and taking into account the different types of client/agency relationships that can be covered by the term may have the potential to radically alter the outcome of a public relations campaign. In general, a Record public relations agency maintains an exclusive relationship with a client, which means that the Agency will forego doing business with its competitors. In return, the client confers exclusive rights on the Agency to carry out all public relations and communication activities. However, the latter “requirement” can be adapted to allow for the inclusion of other public relations firms, provided that the AOR retains the lion`s share of the work. This situation is more a “privileged agency” than an AOR, sometimes due to the growing influence of new digital/social channels, where an agency may not be able to work effectively in one or more of these new practices. In addition, while traditional advertising had little room to measure ROI, digital services offered a number of measures, knowledge and data that companies could use to increase returns. This meant that many clients now had to answer more difficult questions for their agencies. Companies have had to learn to integrate into the world of social marketing and content, in order to establish a different kind of relationship with their audience and to exploit new opportunities offered by these new media channels.

With all these advantages, the AOR model had an intuitive meaning for both brands and agencies. The author is the CEO of Avidan Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in advising distributors in optimizing agency practices. They help distributors improve agencies that were previously the Agency for their clients and are now being replaced by an in-house consultant or team, may find that, in today`s environment, much of the decision-making power is taken out of their hands (since their specialties may not cover all channels and platforms).

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