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An agreement on the worker`s equipment is an agreement between the employer and the worker, in which the employer allows a worker to use his facilities to properly carry out his duties for the work. This agreement outlines the general obligations and responsibilities of staff in the management and maintenance of the equipment, as well as detailed equipment details, such as equipment model and marks, serial number, among others. The agreement also assists in the management of the employer`s equipment inventory to determine who among its employees is in possession of the equipment. Most companies have already reached an agreement on enterprise equipment, but recent changes in the world of work and the fact that more employees are using corporate equipment off-site mean that it is becoming increasingly necessary to ensure that you have included all the essentials in your corporate equipment policy. Write employees online with a free disciplinary report template. Automatically generate PDFs. Personalization, download, print and share with superiors. You also have a section with the details of the basic loan, usually at the end of the agreement. This often includes the employee`s name, personnel ID, date, date of aircraft assignment and expected return date of equipment. Finally, there will be a place for the employee to sign the agreement.

A Doctor`s Excuse document containing patient information, diagnosis and treatment details with the doctor`s letter to be provided by an employee to his company when he is excused for occupational health reasons. Your agreement on the use of your equipment should include the procedure for notifying technical problems, damage or theft of the device, including contact point contact details and possible margins and notification times. If an employee does not follow the agreement and physically damages the device or causes a security breach, you should explain the consequences so that employees know what to expect. Create your employee writing forms for your office with this PDF employee Write Up form from JotForm! Save time by designing and let yourself create this complete staff writing form! To try to combat the potential grey area when it comes to paying back repair costs, make sure you include a receipt and deduction section as shown above. Decide here who is responsible for the extra costs and whether the company reimburses part of the cost of the device now that it is used for work purposes. You can also pay some or all of the monthly telephone rate, with the exception of roaming charges. Specificity is the key! It is important not only to tell employees how they use the devices, but also to take steps to accurately describe the responsibility they have for this use. This can include what to do to prevent viruses on computers and what is the best method to send messages or images via email. In signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have received the work equipment described above and that I respect the terms of use of these devices. Your security section may contain instructions that all devices must be password protected at all times, and even how long passwords or passwords should be. You can also indicate that only certain authorized devices can connect to the company`s network or that employees should be aware that a lost device containing business information can be remotely removed. In such a case, it is the employee`s responsibility to ensure that their personal data is backed up.

Creating a Bring Your Own device policy model usually corresponds to the creation of a general enterprise equipment agreement, because you can draw the acceptable use of a device in a professional function.

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