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Mode is a document designed to record international objectives that are temporary, in order to successfully achieve a more sustainable, detailed and systematic meeting. The Charter is a term used in international treaties, which is used for the creation of bodies and the implementation of administrative mushrooms. An example of this is the Covenant of the Charter, which refers to a more specific agreement. The definition of an agreement is an agreement or agreement between two or more countries with legal consequences, as in the treaty. However, the difference from the characteristics of the contract is more executive and administrative (apolitical). Examples of agreements in this international agreement, such as the phenomenon of exporting and importing a certain type of goods that Indonesia carries out with other countries. The nature of the international convention is an agreement or agreement often used in multilateral agreements and whose provisions apply to the international community as a whole (legislative treaty) without distinction. Examples that can be cited in the international treaty of this protocol are the Protoko of The Hague, which occurred in 1930 in various disputes relating to the interpretation of the law of nationality in the field of guardianship, the state and others as such. Consent is a technical and administrative agreement. But this agreement is not interpreted in this way because of its unofficial nature, such as trakat and convention.

Examples of this are the resolution of the question of dual nationality, which arose in 1955 between the People`s Republic of China and Indonesia on the basis of different nationalities. Our country has often entered into agreements with several parties, such as. B Convention on International Responsibility for the Loss of Celestial Organs. The Convention took place on 29 November 1971. The task of international agreements is in fact to create the most important rules of international cooperation. In this situation, the number of offences that could violate the existing principle of international relations will be observed. In addition, you also need to know this to better understand the duties and duties of diplomats for the country. The terms commonly used in international treaties are: 1. The Charter of the International Court of Justice Article 38, paragraph 1 of the international treaty is a general or special agreement that contains legal provisions expressly recognized by the country concerned. The definition of modus vivendi in international treaties is a document that records the results of international agreements, which are time-limited and are transposed into legal and systematic provisions. LBB`s statutes are converted. The term also has the same meaning in charters.

This is how this term is used as an international constitution of oranization. But there are some agreements that are not constitutional in international organizations, also using the term konvenant. Like the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, which took place on December 16, 1966. 4. Frans Oppenheimer and Lauterpacht of the International Treaty are an agreement that establishes the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement. The pact in the international agreement is called a pact, which means an agreement between several countries, which specifically addresses different problems that arise at the national level. In this case, for example, in 1955 the Pact of Matual Assistance and United Command (Pacta Warsaw) took place.

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