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The acquisition and cross-service agreement open to the public demystifies military logistics agreements for many in India. According to Commodore Singh: “In recent years, India`s proactive foreign policy has led to a significant strategic and defence engagement with the countries of the Indo-Pacific area, both in the West and in the East. This has also led to various logistical arrangements between the navies. While the LEMOA agreement was one of the founding agreements with the United States, there were many others that provided logistical support and berths to Indian navy ships. These arrangements also include the resupply at sea of the ongoing supply vessels of the other and are an important element of capacity building and cooperative engagement. India and South Korea have entered into a military logistics agreement that supports each other`s navies. Following talks between Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and his South Korean counterpart, Jeong Kyeong-doo, in Seoul, this was concluded and, to take defence cooperation to the next level, the two sides also formulated a forward-looking roadmap. The Ministry of Defence said the two ministers also discussed regional and international developments of common interest and exchanged views. On 24 August, I stated in these pages that one of the reasons why India`s “fundamental” defence cooperation agreements with the United States – including a logistical agreement – are drawing so much political attention to national territory, because “the texts of these agreements – and even official summaries – continue to serve as suspicion in a country that deeply protects its sovereignty and independent foreign policy.” Indeed, in the absence of a draft agreement on the U.S.-India Logistics Exchange 2016, some analysts have confused it with a “status of forces” agreement on fundamental rights and all that would entail. This agreement is similar to the four other logistics agreements signed by India with partner countries, namely: logistics exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) with the United States (United States) in August 2016, implementation agreement on mutual coordination, logistics and services with Singapore in June 2018, agreement on the provision of mutual logistical support between the armed forces and France in March 2018 , and more recently the agreement extending logistical support to the other country`s navies with the Republic of Korea (ROK) in September 2019. Similar agreements will be signed with Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia.

By concluding military logistics agreements with the United States, France, Singapore and South Korea, India has managed to steer a fair trajectory in an unshakeated geostrategic environment, and is eager to sign a similar agreement with Russia shortly. The aim was to strengthen cooperation in the areas of maritime security, joint exercise, HADR and marine interoperability. Although Indian warships can still extend their range using their fleet vessels, the availability of logistical support facilities with other countries will further enhance the Indian navy`s ability to maintain an adequate “presence” for a long time in its areas of interest throughout the Indo-Pacific area. India and South Korea reached a military logistics agreement during Defense Minister Rajnath Singh`s ongoing visit to Seoul. The two countries have also formulated a forward-looking roadmap to take bilateral cooperation of the defence industries to the next level, the Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday. “India will be able to obtain logistical support when it operates in the Indo-Pacific at South Korean ports.” Such agreements expand the scope, presence and durability of naval vessels when deployed at long distances from ports in Iceland, the source added.

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