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Annual maintenance permits: the performance and payment guarantee required to obtain or replace existing underground or aerial facilities authorized in accordance with Part 129 of this title, including electricity, communication, mast, gas or water lines, must take the form of a business or consist of another form of security of $100,000. The developer must comply with all the conditions stipulated in the national road building permit. Note that prior to the issuance of the State Highway Utility Work Permit, the developer is required to sign an agreement that must pay for the inspection and monitoring fees of NYSDOT employees. N.Y. Comp. Codes R. – Regs. 17 . 126.6 (h). Municipalities, federal authorities, utility companies, transportation companies, public authorities, utilities or railways may choose to enter into a commitment agreement acceptable to the department to replace or supplement insurance insurance insurance insurance that is otherwise required.

This company requires full compensation from the state without any limit of liability and can be used to meet the security requirements for all authorized authorizations. Commitment agreements should be signed by a senior official or other senior official of the organization and accompanied by a decision of the organization`s board of directors or legislative body. Anyone interested can object to NYSDOT`s decision of the New Highway Utility Work Permit, according to N.Y. Civ. Serv. Laws No. 7801 and the following. Edit New York State Department of Transportation Special Hauling and Divisible Load Permits (888) 783-1685 Visit Website Before a Permit Highway Work is exhibited, the NYSDOT applicant must provide proof of adequate insurance and performance security. These financial security requirements are detailed in NycRR Title 17, Part 127.

The NYSDOT regional office will review the application for completeness. The developer must notify the NYSDOT regional office at the end of the work and return the original copy of the State Utility Permit to the resident engineer. New York State Department of Transportation – Road Authority Application for Procurement Work (PERM Form 32). The developer must notify the following locations before the work begins: the NYSDOT regional office will enter the permission and send it to the developer after receiving all the necessary items. N.Y. Comp. Codes R. – Regs. Tit. 17 .

126.6 (d). Upon receipt of the letter of application, the NYSDOT regional office will send the required authorization form request to the developer. N.Y. Comp. Codes R. – Regs. 17 . 126.6 (b). When filing a loan, this form must be completed and attached: Bond Guarantee (Performance) (PERM 44) Other authorizations: the performance and payment guarantee required to obtain authorization for other purposes must be equal to the amount sufficient to ensure the restoration of the state countries in their state before the event. The amount required for benefit security is left to the Division`s discretion, based on the expenditures provided for recovery. This security must not exceed $10,000.

Commercial access, subdivision roads and temporary access: the performance and payment guarantee required for a commercial access authorization, information route or temporary access, in accordance with item 125.10 (a) of this title, is equal to a sufficient amount for the completion of authorized work and payment of all related costs, including authorization fees , including the authorization and the Ministry of Transport. , to ensure. The required performance guarantee must not exceed the total value of all work performed on state land by or for authorization in the part of the project site.

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