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They paid me — and he is a holder, you could say. They were former Miami police officers, he paid an extremely large retainer to them and doing all their job was to follow the girls around and intimidate them. Do you want me to accept Cousin Holliday`s retainer? When he leaves with a retainer in other parts of the country, he takes him by horse-drawn carriage. When I heard about Cohen`s retainer for $130,000, Michael Cohen didn`t do any work for the president, and I said, “Well, then Michael Cohen pays it back, with a small profit and a little leeway to pay taxes for Michael Cohen.” Napier thought there were agreements between the juggler and his owner. A conservation agreement is intended to protect both the client and the lawyer. Once signed, the lawyer can no longer represent someone with competing interests in the same case. The agreement also ensures that the lawyer is paid for the costs provided through legal advice, representation or related services. And there is no holder as dedicated as the one who can sit at his door. I have to give Wilde a guard to defend us in our acts of defamation.

There is a retention agreement between a lawyer and a potential client regarding the payment of legal services. The terms of the agreement may vary, but the only constant is that payment is usually required before the services indicated are provided. Once the person seeking legal services has signed the contract, they officially become clients. In some cases, the potential client will make a down payment to ensure a lawyer`s time rather than their services. In such cases, the lawyer is “on duty” for a period of time during which they represent the client, if necessary. Old Jeff Stoups, who had been a conservative since Matt`s time, resigned. “I agree with the campaign`s statement that I am not part of the campaign`s legal team, I have never signed a conservation agreement or sent the president or campaign an invoice for my expenses or expenses. My intention has always been to uncover all the frauds I could find, and to drop the chips where they could – whether it`s Republicans or Democrats. The ten, I take, is a retainer for me to promote Yachtin`s business. The inhabitant learned this from a guardian of one of these nobles. Half the salary should be a preservation and a reward. I wanted the money all at once, of course.

I would have liked the Department of Justice to be that way, but to put the Department of Justice into account, Allen Weisselberg decided to pay it over the 12 months to look like a retainer. a fee levied in advance for the services of a person working in the service of another person (especially in the household), to be retained: servant, servant, counterparty Synonyms: circumstances, state, reflection, consideration, servant, reflection a dental device that maintains in the position of teeth (or a prosthesis) according to the orthodontic treatment Clasher, guarantor, detent, clasp, vasall, joint, , dependent, follower, catchy.

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