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Add an additional work clause for the rental, in which the seamstress agrees to grant and transfer rights and securities to the company in the finished product. Create signature, date and notary lines for each party to designate an agreement. Create two contractors. Please write the names and contact details of each contracting party in the corresponding lines. Distinguish between the company and the independent contractor or the seamstress. By creating a customer information form with a sewing customer, the business owner is able to register each customer who contains contact information, the duration of the business relationship, business history and other necessary information. Through customer information forms, the seamstress is able to record customer measurements, custom models, type information and customer preferences for future use in the file. Contact information is advantageous if you offer special offers at certain times of the year, for example.B. prom or change of season. Add a compensation clause in which the seamstress will keep the company unscathed in the event of an accident and agree to become a co-insurance officer for the policy.

Describe the insurance and compensation fee plan for each party. Insert a retraction clause in which each party can terminate the contract at any time before the scheduled delivery date. Insert a provision for cancellation fines and refunds to refer to the company`s obligation to pay for services provided by the seamstress so far. Apply an additional clause to refer to the seamstress` obligation to refund all additional advances for non-concluded services. Every project for a client should have a written contract. The project contract should not only be adapted to the concrete, but also specialized in the sewing sector. Measurements, samples, substance selection, estimated costs and project time bar must be defined. For example, a client comes for a party dress for her daughter.

A project contract includes the measures of the subsidiary, the timing of the equipment and delivery of the final project, which provides material and ideas on the use of the additional substance and representations, estimated costs and model.

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