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Hello sreekanth, the blog has good information for users, which is usually not accessible to the public. I have reviewed my khata documents and I would like to request a new copy, as I am gong to carry out an act of publication. Please suggest what to do. Thank you in advance. Now, my cousin intends to sell his property if he takes a certified copy of the related documentaries? I ask the buyer that I have ancestral property and the papers are with another heir who is trying to sell it. I know the address and the PID. How do I get a copy of the sales label, EC, so I can stop the sale? I have just learned from a friend that the sale is imminent and that a land dealer with political influence is involved. I have a commercial property in the father`s name (father expired 10 years back leaving a will that is not registered). Now I want to know, documents selling documents, how I am looking to sell real estate (which is lost not even the document number), for the 1) what is to get details of selling documents first to find out, if the property is registered in the father`s name) (aware of the process of certified copying compliant) as how to go on the name change to sales certificate in my name 2) I have a brother who was paid in the check for his share of property), so I`m worried he can create problem by saying that I have a share of property as a property tax in Dad name 3hov on the names always changed in the land tax on my behalf (Now , we plan to register the dwellings, corresponding will name1) grandson (who is 12 years old) and 2) son (28 years) , we wrote a copy of the will A4 sheet, we have the death certificate. In Sri Lanka, a certified or original copy of an original document can be certified by a lawyer, notary or justice of the peace. Hello Mr.

Reddy, After the death of my parents, we can not find the agreement flat and also the certificate of action (provided that misplaced / lost) where we currently live. There is no will from my parents, but we have an appointment in the club`s files. The company asks us to transfer the apartment in our name (my sister (not married) and me). How does it work to get the necessary documents and pass on the name. Dear Mallik, Since you are the current owner of the property, you can submit FIR for the lost mother document. You can also try to get an actual copy of this document from Sub Registrar Office by paying a small fee (sometimes they can`t exist for FIR because you`re the current owner of the property). Offer to take the latest EC and wear it when you visit the OAR. A copy of a document to be used primarily may take the form of a notarized copy and not a certified copy. A notarized certified copy may be more expensive to obtain.

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